In the early nineties, Barbieri worked closely with Master Paper-maker, Alberto Valenzuela in San Agustín Etla to develop a paper that would serve as a support for his mixed-media and graphite drawings. The goal was to create a tough, thin paper in the Japanese style, using the principal indigenous fibers of Oaxaca. By combining coyuche, pochote and chichicastle fibers with a matrix of longer Agave fibers, they created a surface that would become an integral part of Barbieri’s artwork. In time, it was only natural for him to extend the use of this unique, hand-made paper to the Pierde Almas label.

Master Papermaker Alberto Valenzuela, San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca. Graphite on parchment, 2015 Jonathan Barbieri. Handmade paper labels.